BTSQ – Action Guide

BTSQ – “Beyond The Status Quo” Spiritual Growth Areas

At Expedition, our mission is to encourage, equip and empower people so that they are continually growing in their relationship with God and others.

One of the ways we work to encourage and equip people for spiritual growth is to provide tools for spiritual growth.

Below are two lists to help you as you pray and evaluate where you are spiritually. Spend time praying as you look over these lists, asking God to reveal to you where you are and where He wants you to be.

LIST ONE: Five Key Spiritual Growth Areas that are crucial in a Christian’s life

Devotional – spending personal time with God

Relational – investing time in others and others investing in you

Educational  – growing in wisdom, knowledge, experience, and skills

Aspirational – knowing who God says you are and walking daily in that

Missional – actively & intentionally participating in God’s Kingdom work

LIST TWO: Evaluate how strong and developed you feel you are in regard to each of the items on the list below. Rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 5  (1 being “not strong” and 5 being “very strong”).

After evaluating yourself, choose one or two of the areas to focus on and develop in the upcoming month, in addition to spending time interacting with Scripture (which is #1 on the list below).

1)    Interacting with Scripture (including reading Scripture, listening to the reading of Scripture, studying Scripture, meditating on a portion of Scripture, and praying Scripture). This helps you develop foundational right attitudes about God, self, and others.

2)    Participating in spiritual experiences (personal worship & prayer time, prayer groups, worship gatherings, ministry to others, missions work)

3)     Meeting and praying with an accountability partner

4)     Honoring God with the life He has given you – using your time, talents, and treasures for God’s glory and spiritual influence.

5)     Health of one’s family (spiritual, relational, priorities, unity, etc.)

6)     Alertness to daily spiritual opportunities to Share God and influence others for Him

7)     Transitioning conversations to spiritual things

8)     Developing Bible study skills to dig deeper into God’s Word

9)     Making a conscious effort to disciple others (see SG3 Discipleship page for simple ways to do this)

10)  Sharing with others how God is at work in your life

11)  Asking others what God is up to in their life

12)  Confidence in sharing your faith in God

13)  Reaching out to and making spiritual connections with others in your spheres of influence (including your neighbors)

14)  Reading a book that expands your spiritual vision and passion

15) Praying with others

*Content on this page is copyrighted 2008 by Rev. Timothy J. Samples, pastor of Expedition Church, Cartersville, GA.