Permission Slip / Release Form For Trips & Events


EC Release Form – No Notary Updated 2015June


To download the Permission Slip/Release Form document, click on the document link above then click or right-click on the link in the new window that opens up depending on which option that is best for your computer.

SUGGESTION: After downloading the file…

1) Save a copy of the file on your computer where you can access it easily for future events.

2) After printing the document, fill the form out completely except for the event name and event date, and signature and date lines. After doing this, make several copies to have on hand so that you don’t have to again fill out all the information for future events; all you will have to add in is the event name and event, then sign and date the form.  

If your insurance or other information changes, then you can print a new blank form and repeat the process listed above.