Core Values

Core Values of Expedition Church

1. Worship – God is worthy of our worship because of His surpassing greatness
2. Prayer – God reveals Himself and His plans to us as we diligently seek Him
3. Love – The foundation for knowing and experiencing God and impacting the world for Jesus Christ
4. Truth – God’s Word is the standard against which we are to compare our life and beliefs (attitudes and actions)
5. Authenticity– Spiritual growth starts where you are, not where you or others think you should be
6. Adventure – Choosing to follow God as He leads in the exciting journey of faith
7. Mission – Helping those in our spheres of influence understand and experience the love, grace, and mercy of God that comes through Jesus
8. Discipleship – Spurring one another on to become more like Christ and live fully for Him
9. Teamwork – Impacting the world for God requires a united effort by all believers

*Content on this page is copyrighted 2008 by Rev. Timothy J. Samples, pastor of Expedition Church, Cartersville, GA.